The GREAT Website Giveaway... One lucky winner will get a free custom website & 6 months hosting

Here's What You Get When You Win!

Custom Website Build

Mobile responsive website with 5 standard pages.  Colors to your style, template images included. Your content.

World Class Managed Hosting

Cloud-based high performance hosting with nightly backup.  24/7 technical support.

Premium WordPress Plugins

You'll have access to a plethora of top plugins to help with image compression, site security & performance.

BONUS: Domain Name

As a special bonus, if you don't have your own domain name, we will included  1 year domain name registration.

What's the contest all about and why now?

I don't even want to use the "C" word here so I won't.  Let's just say that it is my belief that the current events in the world may help make it clear to a large number of people that working from home, being your own boss, or selling things online are great and healthy alternatives to working in a corporate environment.

One of the things that may have been a roadblock or stumbling point to many wanna be entrepreneurs is their lack of knowledge regarding building their online presence.  That presence would or should include for 100% of those people a modern website that can build prospect lists, provide eCommerce capabilities, and deliver content to subscribers.

In the past, all that might have sounded like magic or something that could only be had for a price tag that huge corporate entities or members of the Fortune 500 could afford.  With us as a resource to call on, that is far from the case.

We are having a contest where we will give away a fully developed custom website to one lucky winner, along with FREE, world class, managed WordPress hosting for 6 months.

We are we doing that?  Well there are several reasons:

  1. We want to help stimulate the economy by providing essential tools to someone determined to make a go of online business.
  2. We want to provide hope and positivity that will encourage people to help one another during these trying times. 
  3. We also want to introduce our capabilities to the marketplace in a way that makes sense.  Among those are our FREE initial consultation regarding your website needs.

After you've entered, please take a few minutes to review our website and what we can offer your project.

Save BIG during the contest!

While our contest is running, we are going to be holding what we think is an incredible sale for websites.  You'll be able to purchase a custom wide based off one of our hundreds of templates for about 25% of the normal price.

Just a very modest investment of $250 will buy you a beautifully designed, fully mobile responsive custom website that will look and work fantastically on any device.  That will get you 5 standard pages, custom header and footer, color scheme to match your branding, and full rights usage for and of the images you see in our templates example pages.

How to take advantage of the savings

If you decide that you want to go ahead and get started with us working on your project, it is very easy to get started.  You can call us at (770) 249-8665, you can email, or you can visit our online booking page and schedule your free consultation.

If we hear from you before the contest is over, regardless of whether or not we have started work on your project, we'll lock you in at the contest rate of $250 for a 5 page website and $100/page after that.

Frequently Asked Questions

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What happens after the 6 months free hosting period?

I read something about a 'sale', tell me about that.

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What Our Clients Say About Us

Elise Elswood - Graphic Designer

He is the best I've ever worked with at building websites...

I create visual designs for websites as part of my business. Carl brought my vision to life for my own website. He is the best I've ever worked with at building websites. I recommend him to anyone who needs a website.

ELISE ELSWOOD //  Graphic Designer

Mandy Collins - Owner Collins Cleaning Company

He's the best!

Our website generates all the leads my company can handle. We don't even advertise, but our schedule is completely full. Carl takes care of everything having to do with the website. He's the best!


Peggy McKee - CEO Career Confidential

Our website has generated millions of dollars in sales...

Our website has generated millions of dollars in sales. The website is very complex, with CRM integration, membership integration, and eCommerce. Carl keeps it humming. We couldn't do it without him.


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